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About "Just The Water" [Polish: Tylko Woda]

“Just The Water” was founded as an association in 2013 out of a love for water and out of concern for the state of its purity on our planet. This is because water makes up as much as 70% of the Earth’s surface and accounts for about 70% of the human body. We know water from the early childhood. It is for us – literally and figuratively – transparent like air. And yet we cannot live without water, not any more than we can live without breathing.


We want to conduct reliable social education on cleanliness of drinking water, ways of water filtration, conditions of consumption and quality standards. We also want to promote a better, healthier, happier and longer life via drinking clean and excellent quality water. These are very important but not well-known topics. To realize this fact, try answering three simple questions:

  • Why don’t you drink tap water?
  • Why do you buy bottled water?
  • Why do you purify your water by boiling it?

Most of us can’t answer the above questions with a convincing reason. We do it, because everyone else around us does it. But is it right? And if we follow our habits, do we actually drink clean water? Not necessarily! For example, did you know that:

  • Chlorination of water does not purify it at all?
  • Boiling water may even worsen its quality?
  • Lead in water takes years to build up in the body?
  • Mineral waters are becoming more and more similar to ordinary spring waters?

Water is so important for our body that it is worth switching to the “clean side of power” as soon as possible. How to do it? You can learn about it by reading our blog and guidebook where we establish “water” facts and debunk popular myths.

If you have additional questions, please, write to us. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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