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Myth 1: Reverse Osmosis Produces Unhealthy Water

Fact: water obtained by reverse osmosis is very healthy and beneficial for people.

People often wonder if Reverse Osmosis is healthy or unhealthy.  Below we explain and prove that water obtained through reverse-osmosis filter is healthy and beneficial for people.

Dead water?

reverse osmosis
Natural water

People like to refer to the reverse-osmosis (RO) water as Dead Water. This obviously has to do with its pristine purity. Opponents of this method believe that such water is unnatural and unhealthy.  They claim that RO water is only suitable for industrial use and certainly not for human consumption.  In addition, they believe that reverse osmosis makes the water too pure. Consequently, such water cannot be good for humans, because it does not naturally occur on earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best example is rain.

Wait a minute… is rainwater really clean?

Yeah, that’s right. For a few centuries people have been polluting the atmosphere more and more, but in the pure atmosphere the we had on the Earth for thousands of years, rainwater resembled the water treated by RO. In the process of evaporation of water, i.e. changing its state from liquid to volatile, it left all the minerals and impurities on the ground, traveling upwards in the form of pristine H2O. When it fell to earth, it was as pure as when it traveled to the heavens. It was for thousands of years the main source of drinking water for humans and animals. Unfortunately those days are over. We have acid rain and rainwater contains a lot of pollutants, so we don’t recommend to drink it.

Scientific research

Reverse osmosis was invented by the military to enable soldiers to drink clean water under all conditions. To this day, such water is used by the US military in mobile bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries. The long-term research on RO water revealed no adverse effects of drinking it.  Therefore, we can answer the question whether Reverse Osmosis is healthy or unhealthy and confirm that it’s absolutely sane.

Some interesting facts

1) Bottled water = Water obtained through reverse osmosis.

Some brands of bottled water (especially the cheaper ones) rely on treating tap water through a reverse osmosis filter!

2) Beverages = Water obtained through reverse osmosis

When you drink fruit, vitamin, energy and isotonic drinks, you drink beverages that are mainly made up of water, i.e. RO-treated water.

3) Tap water = Reverse osmosis water

Many newly-built housing estates install reverse osmosis filters in their pipelines.  They do so to prolong the life of the water supply system and to provide maximum comfort to their residents. Check with your developer if they guarantee you RO treated water.

The truth is that reverse osmosis treated water is all around us. We just don’t know it. It is possible that you drink such water regularly and you are not even aware of it!

More facts and myths

What are alternative to RO filters?

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