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Myth 2: Reverse Osmosis is a NASA technology.

Fact: Reverse Osmosis, despite its name, is very well-filtered water.

reverse osmosis NASA
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Some people will try to tell you that reverse osmosis (RO) is a space technology and probably came from Jupiter. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. RO involves passing contaminated water through microscopic semi-permeable membranes. It works the same way as running coffee grounds through a paper filter.  However, reverse osmosis filters are much more accurate. A RO filter is so fine that water molecules can squeeze through it unlike contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, inorganic minerals, metals, etc.

There is nothing cosmic or unnatural about this.

Reverse osmosis is simply a filter with smaller holes than other filters. Moreover, RO has been and continues to be used in the food industry for years. For example, in the dairy industry, it is used to increase concentration of milk by extracting water from it.  The goal is to reduce transportation costs.  When such milk arrives at its destination, it is again diluted with reverse osmosis filtered water.

The finest wines

wine reverse osmosis
Château Léoville-Las Cases

All over the world, reverse osmosis is used in the wine industry to increase the concentration of alcohol and fruit juices in the wine.  In addition, RO removes contaminants such as acetic acid, smoke contamination (yes, fires cause substances in the smoke to seep into the fruit, which then converted to wine affect its taste!) and unwanted yeast fungi (Brettanomyces).  Wineries use this method to improve the quality of their wines created from the best grapes.  For instance, Château Léoville-Las Cases in Bordeaux is one of such wineries.

Soon we will publish another series of myths and facts about RO.

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Learn more about NASA.

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