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Myth 3: Reverse Osmosis Removes Healthy Minerals From Water

Fact: Reverse osmosis removes inorganic minerals from water that are unhealthy.

reverse osmosis minerals

A reverse osmosis filter does remove minerals from tap water. However, this question should be considered from a slightly different perspective. Namely, human beings absorb the vast majority of minerals from food, not the water we drink. For instance, one glass of orange juice (about 7 oz.) contains as many good minerals as 30 gallons of water. Try drinking 30 gallons of water for breakfast!

Another thing no one mentions is the type of minerals contained in water. Our tap water contains almost exclusively inorganic minerals.  They cannot be assimilated by human bodies. As humans, we need organic minerals that we can easily assimilate. Such minerals come from living organisms like vegetables, fruits, etc. Therefore, consuming inorganic minerals does not bring any benefits to us.  In fact, it may be even unhealthy for our health.

You will drink 300 lbs of stones!

Scientists estimate that over a 60-year lifespan, a person drinking tap / mineral water will absorb between 200 and 300 pounds of rocks (minerals) into their body that it won’t be able to use. These are the minerals that a reverse osmosis filter removes from tap water! While most of these minerals will be removed from our bodies, some will be retained in our tissues.  They may become harmful. The main pathogens here are calcium salts.  Over time they can cause gallstones, kidney stones, calcification of bones and joints, arthritis, and the hardening and blocking of arteries.

What the human body cannot consume or excrete, it must store.  Consequently, inorganic salts (inorganic minerals) are retained in the human body.  Over time they take their toll in the form of the hardening of the arteries, stones on the kidneys, urethra, gall bladder, joints and the causative (etiological) factor in fat cell enlargement.  For a person to be 100% healthy, the human organism must be free of any inorganic minerals.

Truly pure water

The water obtained through a reverse osmosis filter provides the purest, uncontaminated drinking water available on the market. The fact is that reverse osmosis is the only method that is capable of removing dangerous drugs and pharmaceuticals from water.  According to Water Quality Association and World Health Organization, most minerals come from food and not from the water that we drink.

Can you sleep well?

The absence of minerals in the reverse-osmosis-filtered water should not give you sleepless nights. On the other hand, the increasing amount of chemicals and antibiotics in tap water may.

More facts and myths

Learn how reverse osmosis removes minerals.

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