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Myth 7: Reverse Osmosis Is Too Expensive

Fact: Reverse Osmosis system is affordable

Reverse osmosis costs
Industrial reverse osmosis system

This myth may actually be true as our financial circumstances determine our point of view. However, in general, a reverse osmosis filter is much more costly to purchase than a tap water filter. A good quality reverse osmosis system may cost more than 1,500 PLN (300 EUR).  However, such systems are built to last up to 15 years! Therefore, buying a reverse osmosis system should be treated as a long-term investment, not a cost.

Operating and servicing costs

When we talk about servicing costs, we usually refer to filter replacements for the reverse osmosis system. If you use your reverse osmosis filter regularly, you should replace the pre-filters, which remove mechanical impurities, once a year. The reverse osmosis membrane is much more durable and should be replaced every 4 to 5 years.  On the other hand, tap filters need to be replaced every 3 months. Thus, reverse osmosis costs are minimized over time, but the real value of a good reverse osmosis filter lies in the excellent quality of water it delivers.

Typical reverse osmosis filter

A typical reverse osmosis system uses a 5-stage filtration process. At each stage, a separate cartridge is used to filter out a particular type of contaminant. The filter consists of a sediment filter, three carbon filters and a reverse osmosis membrane. On the other hand, tap filters consist of only one small carbon filter. You don’t have to be an expert to tell which method of filtration is more effective. Reverse osmosis, therefore, provides much cleaner and healthier water. In the long run, this means fewer visits to the doctor, especially, if your children drink tap water.

More Facts and Myths

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