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Placeb’eau – How to Drink More Water

Placeb’eauA new campaign titled ‘Placeb’eau’ was launched in Belgium by ad agency Happiness for the brand Spa, a Belgian water company. The campaign aims to address the issue of many Belgians not drinking enough water and instead relying on pills to improve their health. According to statistics, two out of three Belgians do not drink enough water.  At the same time, Belgians are known to pop various pills to improve their health.  Newpharma even reported an increase of more than 40% in the purchase of vitamins and food supplements since 2020.

To tackle this issue, the campaign introduces a new pill, “Placeb’eau,” which contains absolutely nothing. The idea is to take the pill 8 times a day, with a glass of pure water. At the same time, the purpose of this pill is to remind and encourage Belgians to drink more water for their health. The pill is available for free in pharmacies and bio shops across Belgium, via family doctors, and on the SPA® website. This is an act of pure generosity by Belgium’s most iconic water brand.

The campaign aims to remind Belgians that it’s not about the pill, but about the glass of water they’re having with it. Placeb’eau is a cheeky way of reminding and encouraging all Belgians to drink more water. The campaign was launched in January 2023 and played out across multiple channels. This integrated medium campaign is related to the health industry and contains one media asset.

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