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“Premium” Tap Water – Lemon, Mint & Others

Water treatment companies are racing to develop filtration equipment that will best purify water of all impurities. Their job is to provide the customer with healthy, safe and tasty water. Some companies, however, have decided to go a step further.  In addition to a water filtration system, they offer flavorings for tap water as a package.  In this article, you will find out more about making tap water “premium” by adding lemon, mint and other ingredients.

Premium Tap Water
A glass of water with mint and lemon

However, not everyone likes the taste of drinking water.  Many find it too bland. Therefore, they like to add lemon, cucumber or mint to their water to sharpen its taste. Some water filter manufacturers have found a niche in the water treatment market. They now offer fruit flavored cartridges together their water purification systems.  The flavors include raspberry, grape, peach, strawberry and lemon.


How does it work?

Flavor cartridges can be found as an add-on sold with filters that are installed directly on the tap. These devices look like other products on the market. However, the difference is that a flavor cartridge can be inserted into the front cap of the filter. The flavor is dispensed into the glass only after pressing the appropriate button on the filter. If we do not use this option, only pure filtered water will go to the glass. Flavor cartridges are also used in filter pitchers. The water that is poured through the filter is pure. The taste is released only when the water is poured into the glass (after pressing a button on the pitcher’s lid).

Natural or artificial?

Flavored water filters have their admirers.  Above all, they emphasize its delicate and pleasant taste. For them it is a healthier alternative to sodas or carbonated flavored drinks. They admit that thanks to the flavor they consume more water than before.   This lets them get enough water into their bodies.  Nevertheless, not everyone likes the flavored water.  This is because, people who have tested fruit flavored cartridges, often complain about their artificial taste.  In their opinion, the flavors are far from a realistic fruit aroma and resemble the taste of candies, bubble gum or even washing liquid.

The price of aroma for “premium” tap water

The taste of water in such filters, however, has its price as the flavors are not of natural origin.  Even though the flavor cartridges do not contain dyes, sugar or even calories, the fruit flavor comes from such chemical compounds as preservatives (propylene glycol -E1520) and artificial sweeteners (acesulfame potassium – E950). As the manufacturers point out, both of these substances can have negative health effects if consumed over a long period of time.

In particular, there is a lot of controversy surrounding acesulfame potassium.  It has been assessed several times by European and American institutions as harmless.  Nevertheless, many scientists believe that if taken for a long period of time and in large quantities, it can disrupt human metabolism, cause glucose intolerance and increase body weight.

Nevertheless, the question still remains: is it worth investing in filters with flavor cartridges? When we purchase a tap water treatment device, we expect clean and healthy water.  Is it worth agreeing – for our own convenience – to add questionable artificial additives to it? Isn’t it better to choose a natural lemon, mint or cucumber? You can also use mineralizers for purification and filtration systems, which produce water with mineral water parameters. Filters equipped with dolomite beds enrich the water with calcium, magnesium and a number of other minerals, making the water taste even better.  Is it not a better alternative?  Check some other ways to make your tap water taste better.

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