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Water + Workout = Healthy Training

It is worth working out and drinking water! Water is the most important component of our diet.  It is also essential for human life.  A person without water is able to survive from 3 to 5 days. In comparison, without food, a person can live up to 40 days! Among other things, water provides us with nutrients and excretes waste products.   In addition, it’s important to drink water during our workouts.

Physical exertion forces us to replenish fluids

Healthy workout with water
A healthy workout with water

All people with active lifestyles are forced to replenish their fluids regularly. Physical exertion raises the body’s temperature, which increases blood flow to the skin and causes sweating. Everybody reacts differently to physical exertion. It depends on our condition, age, type of training and level of fitness, which is determined by the loss of water during training.

Necessary replenishment

Humans are unable to store enough water to cover their water needs during exercise.  This is why it is necessary to replenish water. The lack of adequate hydration during strenuous physical activity can result in negative consequences.  They include prolonged recovery time, reduced physical performance and can negatively impact health. A 2% water loss of body weight decreases human performance by about 10%, not to mention the loss of strength and speed.

How to replenish body fluids?

Water replenishment should begin before the onset of thirst.  This is because thirst is delayed and has a negative effect on the body. Water alone should be drunk regularly throughout the day, not just during training. In comparison to other drinks such as juice with a high carbohydrate content, water is absorbed much faster and is used immediately after consumption.  This is especially true during training. With prolonged training, the carbohydrate requirement also rises and isotonic drinks are suitable for this purpose.

Workout with water = more effective training

Drinking water should be done in the same way as nutrition.  This means it is better to drink more often and in smaller portions instead of drinking a large amount at one time. Drinking large amounts of water in a single gulp is not recommended.  It forces the heart to greater effort, which weakens our body during training, increases the feeling of fatigue, fluids are excreted faster and thirst does not cease. On the other hand, a small amount of drink causes the body to absorb water into the tissues.  This contributes to more efficient training and higher performance.

Is it really possible to drink too much water during a workout?  Read more here.

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