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When Should You Replace The Water Filter?

water filter cartridgeRegular maintenance of our water purifier is important to ensure the smooth operation of its filters and other components.  Periodic inspection and cleaning of the water filter guarantees us clean and safe drinking water. The question is: when exactly should you replace your water filter or call for service?

Here’s a list of early signs to look out for in our water purifier. They may indicate that you need to replace the filter or call for service:

Longer wait time for purified water

Your water purifier works properly if it dispenses purified water at the same rate as when you first started the unit.  However, if you notice that the flow of water is slower than usual, this may indicate that the filter has become clogged with debris buildup in the system.

Check the sediment filter for limescale

The sediment filter captures sediment or suspended particles in the water such as dirt, silt, mud, clay, etc. Since it is located on the outside of the water purifier, it can be easily opened and checked for limescale. Brown scale on the filter indicates excessive wear and tear on the filter and requires immediate replacement. It is worth remembering that periodic replacement of such membranes allows for a longer life of the device as well as other filters installed in the purifier.

The outgoing water has a less sweet taste

When contaminated water is continuously filtered through the membranes, the cartridges lose their absorption capacity, which affects their effectiveness. As a result, dissolved substances in the water are not filtered properly and get into the “purified” water. This, in turn, affects its quality making it harder and less sweet tasting. Fortunately, frequent cleaning and timely replacement of filters eliminate these problems 100%.

More waste water

A reverse osmosis purifier in the treatment process discharges impure water as waste water into a separate tank. If you notice a sharp increase of water in the tank, this indicates a reduced efficiency of the water filters. This means that the filters in our purifier should be replaced.

Learn the difference between a “water purifier” and a “water filter”.

Should you replace your water filter every 12 months?

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