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Where to Drink Toilet Water?

water toiletCan you drink toilet water? Environmental activism has been gaining momentum around the world, with many activists spreading awareness about the importance of recycling and reusing waste for the betterment of nature. One such example is a Belgium restaurant, Gust’eaux, in Kuurne.  Gust’eaux aims to be a part of these environmental campaigns by serving recycled drinking water to their customers for free. The water comes from toilets and sinks, but is transformed through a detailed, five-step filtration technology.  It makes water pure and safe to drink.

The Process

First, the technology chemically cleans the water using plant fertilizer. Next, a portion of the water is mixed with stored rainwater, while the remaining goes through a rigorous purification process. The final result is sewage water that is drinkable and has a completely different texture and taste from tap water. The restaurant uses the recycled water for a variety of purposes.  It offers free drinking water,  prepares coffee and even reportedly makes beer.

Old / New Technology

For those who might be hesitant about the idea of drinking wastewater, it is important to note that this innovative technology has already been in use.  It supplies drinking water to remote communities and settlements around the world. Although Europe is still relatively new to the idea, but it has the potential to be a game-changer. This applies to water conservation and environmental sustainability.

A Word from Greta

As Greta Thunberg said in her 2018 TED talk, “We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change and it has to start today.” The actions of the Gust’eaux restaurant and other environmental activists demonstrate that change is possible.  It starts with small steps like recycling and reusing waste.

Find out why water recycling is important.

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