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Myth 4: Reverse Osmosis Sucks Minerals Out of Body

Fact: A reverse osmosis filter provides water that cannot suck minerals out of the human body.

This is another method used by rival water filter manufacturers to discredit reverse osmosis filters.

The universal solvent

water solvent reverse osmosis
Water is a universal solvent

Water is called the universal solvent as it always ‘seeks’ to dissolve something. The purer the water, the more aggressively it tries to dissolve what it can dissolve. This property of water does not affect the human body in any way.  This is because our physiology quickly achieves a state of homeostasis, using saliva, gastric juices and other liquids to balance all body fluids.

A bit of history

Reverse osmosis was created in the 1970s and since then has been scientifically tested in every possible way. It has never been proven that reverse osmosis can suck minerals out of the human body. The U.S. Navy has used water for over 40 years with a TDS ratio of 3/1000000. This means that for every 3 mineral molecules dissolved in the water there are a million water molecules (think placebo!). According to the 1993 WQO (Water Quality Association) report, the U.S. Army also uses water filtered through a reverse osmosis system.

Press and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In July 2008, the Brighton Standard Blade newspaper in Colorado contacted the EPA to determine if the RO filter was sucking out minerals.  A spokesperson for the EPA said that their Agency did not believe that such a water system could suck up minerals. The same Agency in 1993 published a report entitled “Consumption of Water with Low Dissolved Mineral Content”. Their extensive research confirmed that water low in dissolved minerals such as distilled water or water obtained by RO has no effect on humans.  The Water Technology Magazine also disagrees with the myth described in this article, citing several sources that refute this propaganda.

How does a reverse osmosis filter affect me?

A RO filter provides very pure water.  Its pristine nature will rather improve the absorption of all nutrients, including healthy organic minerals.  Moreover, by drinking RO-treated water our body will not take in unhealthy inorganic minerals that present in tap water.  Therefore, our body will not be burdened with trying to assimilate something that should not be in it.  Clean water will also have a positive effect on eliminating waste at the cellular level.  It will also increase our body’s metabolic activity.

More Facts and Myths

Learn how RO removes minerals from drinking water.

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