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Myth 5: Reverse Osmosis generates very acidic water with low pH

Fact: Reverse Osmosis generates slightly acidic or neutral water. It is not unhealthy!

Reverse osmosis systems can actually lower the pH level of water. During the filtration process, all unhealthy inorganic minerals that affect the alkalinity of the water are removed from the water. However, the reduction in the alkalinity of the water is not very significant and is not detrimental to human health. The truth is that the pH of water is automatically altered when you consume it as it comes in contact with food in your stomach. Even in an empty stomach, digestive acids have a pH several times lower than that of water purified by reverse osmosis filter (pH level in an empty stomach remains at pH2).

The human body regulates the pH by itself

The human body is constantly adjusting its pH levels to achieve balance and equilibrium. This means more or less that your body will always strive to maintain a neutral pH level of 7.4. Eating acidic food with a low pH level, e.g. citrus fruits, changes the body’s pH minimally and only for a short period of time. A healthy body is very efficient and will restore homeostatic pH levels very quickly and effortlessly.

As long as you follow a balanced diet that  includes fruits and vegetables, you can drink whatever you want.  You will not have to worry about the pH levels in your body.

water pH
Examples of pH levels – WIKIPEDIA – Reverse Osmosis

Some examples of pH of drinks and liquids.  The pH level in water (levels can vary depending on the source)

  • Mineral water is slightly alkaline with a pH level of 7.4.
  • Seawater is alkaline with a pH level of 8.6.
  • Tap water is actually different from place to place with a pH range of 6 -8.
  • Water obtained through RO has a pH dependent on its previous acidity and ranges from 5 to 7 pH.

More facts and myths

Did you know that the pH level of water exposed to air will drop to an acidic range of 5-5.5?

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